Tuesday Tidbits

We’ve made it through Monday and if we made it a good day, it was! With Tuesday upon us, we can relax a bit more, knowing that the dread of Monday has past. That dread was  manufactured by collective attitude, which we do not have to participate in. We can direct our thoughts elsewhere.  Speaking of directing our thoughts elsewhere, I will be sharing some random tidbits to occupy our thoughts.  After all, the news is usually a downer, so let’s bring in better thoughts!

The English language is a funny thing.  We “chase” happiness, wealth, our dreams, etc.  Did we chase the “cold” we “caught?”  Why are we chasing what we want?  If we keep chasing, how will we get it?  Our abundance is here and now.  You are reading this on an electronic device. That makes you wealthy compared to most of the world!  Can you see a beautiful sunset or take a walk?  That is abundance!


Now for some tidbits of trivia:  The average American consumes 156 pounds of sugar a year!  That is more than what I weigh!  Other than mother’s milk, the only other known source of Mannose is Acemannan, a molecule extracted from the Aloe plant.  Japan has used Stevia as a sweetener since 1971 and is consumes the most in the world.  The world’s largest  gumball contains 95,200 pieces of chewed gum!  Coca-Cola did not become completely cocaine free until 1929. The tallest person in recorded history was Robert Wadlow, who measured 8 ft. 11.1 inches! The shortest person, Chandra Bahadur Dangi, was 21.5 inches tall.


Why the trivia inserted into my blog?  Why not! It stretches the mind to think outside of our own box and routine can be dull. Make it a Terrific Tuesday!