Thursday Purge Day!

Yes, I really am writing about purging on Thanksgiving, a day of abundance and thanks. There will be no recommendation here of purging food or martyrdom.  Nor will I suggest a day of purging your closets on a holiday.  What we should purge today are detrimental feelings!Thanksgiving

We all have unhappy memories attached to certain people or events in our lives that may surface when we gather with family. Feelings of loss, inadequacy or haunting memories may linger beneath our outward appearance of contentment. How may we purge those feelings to make the most of our day of thanks?

In feelings of loved ones lost, focus on the times they were with us instead of the lack of their physical presence. Forget the “would have, should have” thoughts.  We cannot change the past. We can focus on today and who is with us now.


We may feel inadequate at times being around people that appear to have more success than we do.  As Don Miguel Ruiz says in his book,  The Four Agreements: never make assumptions. Plus, being happy for others brings joy to ourselves.  Have you ever had a feel good feeling from a “not as good as” thought? Don’t measure yourself against others.  You are not them!  Purge your negative self talk  with gratitude for everything you have, starting with thankfulness you woke up today.


Many of us have had expectations of a happy holiday celebration crash and burn due to a variety of events:  illness, death, vehicle breakdowns, misbehavior and more. Although very unfortunate and difficult to forget, they are done. Again, we are back to the thought that we only have today. Make the goal that today will be so amazing, that no bad memories have room to roost in our brains!

My wish for you is that you may successfully purge feelings that do not serve you today; bringing you joy,  contentment and a lasting happy memory! I am truly thankful you took the time to read this.  Happy Thanksgiving today and every day!