Wednesday Wisdom

We all  procure and obtain wisdom. Most wisdom comes from experience and education. Many of us seek wisdom from either health or wealth specialists, as good health and financial security may improve the quality of our lives. A specialist I am not; but a seeker I am!

This morning upon awakening,  I had a thought that our bank account is like our bodies. When we put green (money) into our bank account,  it grows through interest. When we put green (nutrients) into our bodies, our health grows.

This time of year, we tend to withdraw from both our bank and health accounts.  There are small steps we can take so our growth in these areas does not stagnate. We may have already overspent financially,  but it’s not too late to counter the effects of that!

Following are some ideas to replenish our financial ” green” :  At a restaurant,  drink water instead of a beverage.  That alone can save you $2 -$10 a person. Speaking of beverages,  brew your own coffee at home until your bank account is back to where it was before the holidays. Ladies,  those party dresses you’ve been eyeing? Skip them! Follow  A Small Wardrobe blog for some great ideas on shopping from your own closet. Are your shoes looking used up? Give them a good polish and new insoles from the drugstore.  Ladies,   decorative clips can turn plain pumps into party shoes. Skip the hairdresser for your formal occasions by finding YouTube tutorials. At home,  make a big batch of homemade soup for inexpensive and quick leftovers. There are many other ideas to cut corners on Pinterest.

It is definitely a challenge replenishing our  health account during the busy holiday season! Although I make no claims of expertise, I do know what works for me

There are quick,  easy hacks to keep our bodies nourished. One is to take whole foods supplements,  as our bodies will not assimilate chemically based supplements properly. Another thing is to keep healthy snacks with you, so you aren’t as tempted to grab junk food while out and about.  Some ideas are: raw mixed nuts, whole grain or gluten free crackers, Life Bars, snow peas, hummus, natural nutbutters and low sugar dark chocolate.  Many so-called nutrition bars are no better than candy bars. Make sure they are non-GMO, all natural with less than 2 grams of sugar. Also, keep a water bottle with you at all times


Our workout routines may understandably  be on hold  now.  Still try to get a good nights sleep, stretch a lot,  and ask for foot ot shoulder rubs. Take time for a soak in the tub with Epsom salts. 

Whether our bank accounts or health get replenished or not,  staying grateful and doing the best we can will still help us achieve in the big picture. Happy holidays!

Froberg’s Fabulous Finds: Edition 2

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are not a new idea to save money. However, just a few years back no one could have  convinced me to set foot in one! I was happy looking for deals on sale at traditional shops. Just the words “thrift store” conjured up images of dusty, disorganized shelves and racks of clothing arranged with no rhyme nor reason. In my mind, they were an “okay” place to buy Halloween costumes or retro decor, but that was all!  I still recall with trepidation politely exclaiming over gifts given to me from a particular thrift store years ago that I had no use for.

thrift store blog 001

About three years ago, a good friend went shopping at the Value Village close to her home. She purchased an armful of beautiful dresses to wear on a trip to Italy. As winter approached, she sported cute boots and a luxurious faux fur jacket, all from the same store. My curiousity aroused, I stopped by a Value Village closer to my home. Near the front of the store were two long, full racks of high quality, new or like-new garments with labels such as “Ann Taylor,” “Banana Republic,”  ‘The Limited,” “BCBG” and more. I could barely believe my eyes!  Happily, I tried on several items and left with a shopping bag filled. The friendly salesperson informed me new items come out on Friday mornings and they even have a personal shopper available.

Now I am addicted to thrift store shopping!  I would not give up this hobby even if I was a billionaire. The thrill of a great find is exhilarating and it seems silly to spend more than what is necessary!  Great finds are at Savers, Salvation Army, Goodwill and Unique Thrift Stores.  Goodwill also has a few specialty designer stores, Second Debut. Some of my favorite finds include authentic Kate Spade bags, brand new Dollhouse boots, clothing by Tommy Hillfiger, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, White House/Black Market and Ralph Lauren. I am cringing a bit as I write this, because now you may snap up beautiful things before I get a chance!

thrift store blog 003

Make sure to sign up for VIP cards, email alerts, etc. at these stores to save even more and to learn of their latest sales. On Dr. Martin Luther King Day, Savers and Unique had half off!  I stocked up on paperback books for $1.00, which I will then donate again after reading. Some  traditional stores donate their overstock, so you will also find new items including socks and scarves. Thrift store shopping doesn’t require the effort it did in the past, so give it a whirl!

thrift store blog 007

This past year there has been some negative press about a few of the aforementioned companies. If you have heard any of it, please keep in mind that a percentage of the proceeds do go to charities, jobs are provided, and by purchasing at a thrift store, you are recycling.