A Visionary Woman

What is a visionary woman?

There are many connotations associated with visionaries, but the first definition in Merriem-Webster defines the visionary woman we are celebrating today: having or marked by foresight and imagination.  This visionary woman persevered through childhood bullying, a physical impairment and heartache to become a fine jewelry designer, inspirational jewelry retailer,  marketing expert,  shopping club entrepreneur and leader in the self development industry!

What is her story?

I will not share all I know about her story, as that is her tale to tell. What I will tell you is she has helped dozens of people I know find their purpose and passion in lives, raised two beautiful and successful daughters as a single mother, and is a young, lively, glamma!   She is an expert “shifter”, teaching people how to reframe their self defeating thoughts. This expert shifter envisioned her ideal husband on a vision board before she met him and lifted herself from near poverty to enjoying a second ocean side home in addition to her home in Minnesota.

How did she achieve her dreams?

Only she can tell this wonderful story properly!  The expert shifter and visionary woman we are celebrating is Mary Hartmann, owner of Mary Hartmann-Simply Shift and Mary Hartmann Designs.

Mary offers you a first breakthrough coaching session for free, as her giving heart wants to help all who seek her assistance.  Mary says:

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“If you’re like me, you’ve asked yourself this question more times than you can count and came up empty. No matter how many books I read or positive affirmations I recited, at the end of the day, I was mostly back to square one. It didn’t make any sense.

So I started digging really deep. I wanted answers. I wanted to truly change my life. There seemed to be some door locked tight, shutting me out of life’s good things, peace, joy and happiness.

Then one day, something clicked. Like a stubborn key finally releasing a lock, I learned about the subconscious mind and the paradigms controlling us that we don’t even realize are there. 

 Once that door opened, I never looked back. You can open that door, too.”
Mary doesn’t sell a hodgepodge of jewelry.  Her designs are either original or hand picked for meaning. The following is Mary’s original, trademarked design:
From her website:
Wearing symbols which represent our desires, our milestones or the steps we’re taking on our journey is a tangible way to express gratitude for all that we are and all that we are growing to be.
If you are not where you want to be in life, take advantage of Mary’s free coaching session while it is  still available. Whether you desire coaching or not, it only takes a moment to click on the link to Mary Hartmann Designs to view her symbolic jewelry offerings.
For my overseas readers, Mary coaches through Skype.  I also want to disclose I am never paid for my articles and receive no compensation from anyone I highlight. It is my calling to write when the inspiration comes from the Spirit.



Aging is Good!

Whether you consider yourself young or old, please read on; as even babies are aging. Our society continually fights aging, as though we have the power to stop it! A seventy year old person with a facelift is still a seventy year old person! A 40 year old person may still wear their highschool hairstyle,  but no one is mistaking them for a highschool student!

I, myself,  have been guilty of trying to look younger with certain clothing styles,  but I’ve come to realize I’m not fooling anyone!

When younger, I was overworked, and generally dissatisfied with my quality of life. As a model and young business professional, I had the attention of people, but none of that compensated for the anxious feelings within me. I was jumping though hoops trying to keep everyone happy but myself.  

Looking over these pictures,  I am happy we have become more tasteful with fashion! That’s one great thing about aging! I’m also glad I’m not a baby, dependent on others to feed and clothe me. What gifts has aging brought you? Most of us have acquired more wisdom. Even if you are young, you are learning each day.

This begins my series of blogs on thoughts about aging. The aging process will never stop, so let’s accept it and live the best life we can today!

Tuesday Truths

We all have our own perception of truth,  so I am not here to tell you what THE truth is. However,  I will speak of my own personal truths and perhaps you may relate to them.
Yesterday I skipped my Monday blog, although  I previously told myself I would blog Monday through Friday. Sunday was an action packed day with friends and playing a small role in a movie. As a result, things I normally would do on Sunday shifted to Monday. Instead of beating myself up ( like I normally would do) for falling behind, I am realizing it’s simply a part of life and to relax and let go. Life should be enjoyed and we can’t always cross off every item on our ” to- do” list.


Previously I had written about an insomnia issue and realized perhaps it was due to my self talk of saying I have trouble staying asleep. This morning I was awakened at 3: 30 am by Facebook messenger sending me an alert. It was a chain message! My first thought was “why is she up this early?” Then, I quickly shifted my thoughts to ” it’s an honor she included me, she thought of me when she knows so many other people, she may not know when Android phones are in silent mode, Messenger still sounds off.” Isn’t it a blessing when people include us? It makes us feel special.


Now, on the flip side if being awakened by a loving message, I fell back into the  pattern of telling myself that now I will struggle with sleep. Since I told myself that,  it happened! Our brains are a computer and we all have faulty programming. It is not an easy task to reprogram a computer, but it can be done.

Not all “truths” serve us well. My “truth” that I cannot sleep was instilled in part by others saying they can’t sleep and then my own part in agreeing with this.  We are a collective consciousness. I always sleep well on vacations and when I do not think of sleep lack.  My insomnia is a lie!

What other lies do we tell ourselves? I’ve told myself terrible things that hinder my personal development. Let’s tell ourselves truths that help!

It's Tuesday I choose

Thursday Purge Day

Lately it turns out my general theme for Thursdays has been purging. I think it’s because there is so much we think we need in life; where in reality we do not need much. Especially this time of year, we see excess. We want to show our loved ones how much we care, and may overcompensate with gifts.
Every year I start decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. This is usually a 2 to 3 day project,  as it “must ” be perfect.  Usually this involves a few more trips to the store, as it seems something is always missing. Even if we are not entertaining for the holidays,  I derive satisfaction from a festive atmosphere. It warms my heart on cold winter days.

This year my husband casually mentioned that perhaps we didn’t need a tree up, as we will be visiting family in California for Christmas.  As I surveyed our living room the day after Thanksgiving,  trying to decide where to put the tree, my husband’s words came back to me. I began decorating,  keeping in mind the new minimalist practices we are trying to adopt in our home. A small prelit tree replaced our usual tree. Only favorite pieces came out. Instead of 2 to 3 days, we were decorated in an hour.  Now I have gained time to focus on other holiday preparations and feel more focused.

My story doesn’t end here. We live in a small, private neighborhood and I noticed the neighbors putting beautiful decorations outside, which I also enjoy doing. I kept looking at our boring, empty deck. It  was unseasonably warm, no snow and I could decorate wearing flip flops. While at our local hardware store, there were beautiful winter arrangements made with evergreen trees that will last through the harsh elements. I excitedly purchased those,  along with some other outdoor decor. I’d been admiring our pretty deck for 2 weeks. Then…..it snowed 2 days ago!! My beautiful  plants are covered! This is a lesson to me that I did not need plants on a deck we will not use this winter. My emotions were caught up in thinking our deck had to look pretty for the neighbors.  In reality, they are not looking at our deck while rushing in to beat the cold! My money could have been spent more wisely. Lessons crop up at the darndest times!

Will our traditional tree go up next year? Most likely it will, as we will be home, but not from any sense of obligation. As I thoroughly enjoy Christmas,  there will always be decorating,  but the excess will be gone!

Wednesday Words

The words for this Wednesday are: Ask, Believe and Receive.  We may have heard these words tossed around in talks about prayer or seen them in memes. Today we will examine these words in a different way.

ask beleive recieve

We all know to ask for the things we desire,whether in prayer or in person.  After all, we are instructed to do so in the Bible and people don’t know what we want if we do not tell them. How about asking questions in a spirit of active listening? Instead of a perfunctory ” how you doin'” as a quick greeting, take the time to really listen.  People love to be heard!

Asking questions can also be a way of getting to know people. Never make assumptions! That discheveled person dressed in sweats and athletic shoes may be training for the Olympics! People often lead interesting lives or have things in common with us, leading to mutually beneficial relationships.


Believe is a very important word! Think about it: what you believe is true! It may not be true for others, but it is true for you! Do you believe you are broke? Then, yes you are! Someone else may not think that of you if they admire what you have. An obese person may look at an overweight person and consider that person ” skinny.” It’s all perception! The beauty of this is we can change our perspective and belief!


Receiving can be difficult for some of us, as we may not want to appear more worthy than others. People will think what they will regardless of what we do. Receive those compliments with a gracious “Thank you!” Someone isn’t telling you something nice so they can hear you criticise yourself! Receive gifts with gratitude and no feeling obligation.  A gift is just that: a gift! It’s not a trade or bribe. Givers love to see pleasure in others.


Ask, receive and believe are great ways to manifest our desires. If we practice this in other areas, life becomes more enjoyable!

Tuesday Tidbits

We’ve made it through Monday and if we made it a good day, it was! With Tuesday upon us, we can relax a bit more, knowing that the dread of Monday has past. That dread was  manufactured by collective attitude, which we do not have to participate in. We can direct our thoughts elsewhere.  Speaking of directing our thoughts elsewhere, I will be sharing some random tidbits to occupy our thoughts.  After all, the news is usually a downer, so let’s bring in better thoughts!

The English language is a funny thing.  We “chase” happiness, wealth, our dreams, etc.  Did we chase the “cold” we “caught?”  Why are we chasing what we want?  If we keep chasing, how will we get it?  Our abundance is here and now.  You are reading this on an electronic device. That makes you wealthy compared to most of the world!  Can you see a beautiful sunset or take a walk?  That is abundance!


Now for some tidbits of trivia:  The average American consumes 156 pounds of sugar a year!  That is more than what I weigh!  Other than mother’s milk, the only other known source of Mannose is Acemannan, a molecule extracted from the Aloe plant.  Japan has used Stevia as a sweetener since 1971 and is consumes the most in the world.  The world’s largest  gumball contains 95,200 pieces of chewed gum!  Coca-Cola did not become completely cocaine free until 1929. The tallest person in recorded history was Robert Wadlow, who measured 8 ft. 11.1 inches! The shortest person, Chandra Bahadur Dangi, was 21.5 inches tall.


Why the trivia inserted into my blog?  Why not! It stretches the mind to think outside of our own box and routine can be dull. Make it a Terrific Tuesday!





Monday Madness

We’ve all heard the songs lamenting another Monday.  The weekend went too quickly and many of us  want to hold onto the weekend; wishing we could have just one more day off.  As children every day was a play day. Now we allow ourselves two play days a week or less. On Monday it is time to hunker down, get serious and focus on the tasks at hand…….or is it?


Those of us that keep a calendar have already filled in most of the week or we have at least started a ‘to do” list.  Is the “to do” list ever really done?  Does our calendar stay static?  I know my “to do’ list keeps growing and my calendar gets reworked almost daily. Monday usually signifies the start of yet another week of feeling we are on the hamster wheel.  Why do we feel this way and who is forcing us to live a life of predictability?

Starting in early childhood, we are taught our value lies in cooperating and doing what the adults want us to do. This transcends into trying to live up to the expectations of others. We wear hard work and survival as a badge of honor. Conforming is encouraged and rewarded. However, we alone are responsible for our own feelings and actions.  Science proves for every action, there is a reaction.  We can change the reaction!


A small way to banish our Monday Madness is to stop giving Monday special significance. The only time we have is right now. Yesterday is never coming back and tomorrow is not promised. Although this is an oft heard statement, we tend to acknowledge it and then dwell on the past and worry about the future.  Let’s celebrate each  morning that we awoke to a day full of possibilities!  Even if our current situation is undesirable, we can take small steps to better it.

A step we can take is when a thought comes that does not serve us; pause and rethink. For example:  a thought of : “I wish I did not have to work today” could be expanded to “but I am thankful I can pay my bills.”  We can also reward ourselves as each hour passes by.  The rewards can be fast and simple:  a stretch, a friendly word with a coworker, a nibble of chocolate, a coffee, complimenting or helping another.



Now to address that calendar or “to do” list:  pencil in some fun! Dance or sing by yourself for five minutes, color in a  coloring book, send some funny memes. call an upbeat friend, jump up and down, google funny jokes; just do what is fun for you!  Make that part of your daily plan.

This in no means is an attempt to pretend we don’t have struggles. Life will always throw us curveballs and unhappiness. What we can do is the best that we can right now.