Baby Steps to Healthy Aging

We all have been told over and over what to do to be healthy: eat less of this, more of that, go to the gym every day, sleep more, walk more, run, skip jump, stress less! I don’t know about you, but I get a bit stressed looking at all these commands.

It’s no wonder we are tempted to tune out, grab a soda and relax in front of the television. We’re told what to do, but in the myriad of choices, where do we begin?

Try starting with one habit you know you should change. If you drink two sodas a day, taper to one and eventually switch the one out to a healthy drink.

There is green tea, sparkling water and natural beverages sweetened with Stevia.

If you love chocolate, find a healthy chocolate. There are dark chocolates bars sweetened with Stevia and lower sugar bars available.

Artificial sweeteners will not do your body good, as your digestive system doesn’t process them in a beneficial way. If you can’t give up your milk chocolate, don’t! Simply reduce the amount you eat. Life shouldn’t be about deprivation.

Do you love fried foods but not the fat? Saute in good fats like coconut or olive oils. Look at investing in an air fryer. I love air frying so much, that I own two!

air fryer

Are you addicted to salty, crunchy foods like I am? I take a small handful of gluten free crackers and mix them with raw nuts for a tasty, filling treat. When only chips will do, I dole out a small amount of organic chips, sometimes even mixing those with raw nuts.

Ice cream! We all scream for ice cream! Although it’s not a healthy choice, who doesn’t love a cold and creamy treat on a hot summer day? There are alternatives! If you are feeling adventurous, you can make your own.

Exercise can come in many forms. Choose the method that works best with your schedule. If you don’t have time for the gym, don’t sign up as a member, thinking you will have time later. Exercise at home! If even that seems daunting, take baby steps; literally! Take the stairs, jump in place, dance to a favorite song, walk briskly, just get up and move!


If you have physical limitations, there are exercises you can do from a chair. Yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi are also less strenuous. Just 10 minutes a day is something!

Lately I’ve been telling myself I’m too busy to do yoga. Today is a new day, and my yoga practice is startng again in a few moments. Which baby steps can you start today? Just one step leads to another.

Tuesday Tips

Today I made a decision to blog more.  I enjoy it, so why not?  What do you enjoy that you need more of?  My first Tuesday  Tip is take time from your routine to do something you love, even if only for a half an hour.  We made it through Monday; Hooray! Now it is time to have a Terrific Tuesday!

yay for Tuesday

My second Tuesday Tip is about a wonderful herb to help you feel well!  (no, not Cannabis)  It is Cilantro!   Cilantro is loaded with antioxidants and some practitioners claim it can detox heavy metals from our bodies.  Take a look at the RDA nutritional benefits:

This humble backyard herb provides (% of RDA/100g):
15% of folates,
11% of vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine),
45% of vitamin C,
225% of vitamin A,
258% of vitamin K,
22% of iron and
18% of manganese.


Cilantro leaves are widely used in salsa and Mexican foods. You may also throw a handful in your green smoothies.  In its’ powdered form, it is called Coriander and used as a spice throughout the world. One can also purchase Cilantro essential oil and either ingest it or apply it topically. A great way to keep fresh Cilantro on hand is to grow some in a container year round.  Keep your cilantro in the sun, do not overwater and keep in mind it is an annual.

A popular side dish is cilantro-lime rice.  To each 4 servings of rice, simply stir in 2 Tablespoons of fresh lime juice and 1/2 cup cilantro.  Whole grains provide optimal nutrition, so experiment with quinoa, brown rice or a combination

of whole grains. Now you know you don’t have to go to Chipotle to enjoy wonderful cilantro rice (although most of us love the Chipotle experience!)

My hope is you will enjoy my Tuesday Tips and other upcoming blogs. Let’s share the love and “follow” each other!

It's Tuesday I choose



Finding Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

sunshine-natureNot long ago, a small deli opened up nearby next to an auto repair shop. Each time I drove by, I looked at it with intrigue, wondering if there was food to appeal to my vegetarian lifestyle. An online search did not bring up a menu. but a job posting looking for experienced bakers in a multicultural restaurant.  Needing some cheer on a bleary, cold Minnesota “spring” afternoon., I decided to stop in.

I was warmly greeted by Liman and asked if I liked tea. I expressed my appreciation for good tea & he offered my a very generous sample of Somali tea and explained how in every Somali home, guests are offered this tea, usually taken with milk. It was deliciously spiced and sweet, Although I am not a sweet tea fan, this was so good, that I had to purchase more.  Upon inquiring of vegetarian dishes, he asked me to wait because he had something special for me to try. My wait was pleasant, as there was another customer to visit with. Liman than brought out a generous sample of Foo, a spiced vegetable and bean stew, The other customer told me it was usually served over rice. It was fabulous!18476lrg

Liman explained he needed more staff and was in the back baking muffins and cooking more food. I find it impressive that the goods are baked right there and  enjoyed a very good chocolate chip cookie. There is an impressive array of food listed on the  menu board, including:  gyros, pasta, pancakes, traditional Somali food, unique smoothies (one is avocado) and pizza. Desserts included cheesecake, cookies and pastries.

My sunshine was found at the Sunshine Bakery, Coffee & Deli, located at:  3654 Stinson Blvd. NE, Minneapolis 55418. Their phone number is:  612-886-1244 and fax is:  612-886-1563.  Currently. hours are 7am to 7pm. Liman hopes to expand the hours as the business grows. Whether it is cloudy or sunny out, we all could use a little extra sunshine!