Robotic Women

28029856-female-robot-holding-a-serving-tray-with-a-blank-card-advertisement-with-room-for-text-or-copy-spaceDisclaimer: Although this piece is geared toward women, I do understand there are many men that may also relate to the thoughts presented here.

 EarlyAutumn:  A chill begins to descend as the daytime wanes and the trees begin to shed their leaves. We take inventory of our childrens’ clothing and footwear, peruse Pinterest for Halloween costume and home decor ideas.  We may get the slow cooker out so our families come home to hot meals.

The notices from school come in: fall conferences,  concerts, supply lists, parent organizations.  We try to keep up on our childrens’ needs after working all day and attempt to have a healthy meal ready to share with whomever we live with. There are sporting events and activities to dash off to.  We may have time for a bubble bath or work out at day’s end, but oftentimes our beds call out to us before that occurs.


School fundraisers begin.  We call upon our friends and relatives to buy magazine subscriptions or trinkets they really do not want or need. Classroom teachers request  volunteers and there are Halloween costumes to make or buy. Our homes may need winterizing, the autumn  rains bring in muddy footprints, we have bills to pay, organizing to do and it is time to begin planning holiday gatherings. Meanwhile, the kids may be coming down with viruses and we may be losing  pay to stay home with them.

As moms, we take this all in stride and the rewards of a happy family are worth all the extra effort. It seems we are always on the go and the demands and requests are supplied endlessly.  We pat ourselves on the back for a job well done or lament that we could not  fit everything in.


Late Autumn/Winter

We just finished up with either hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, or visiting loved ones throughout the day.  Even if we did not host, there were extra errands and cooking to do to make this a memorable day of thanks. Chances are many enjoyed football on television, board games or visiting while the people that did all of the cooking are now doing the clean up.

With Thanksgiving over, it is time for holiday shopping, baking,decorating and cleaning.  We scour the ads for good deals, stand in lines, decorate, stay up all hours looking for perfect gifts online, plan parties, attend parties,  and may even make homemade gifts.  There are usually extra activities at church, synagogue or mosque, cookie swaps, craft fairs and  fundraising drives for the less fortunate.

Every year there is a new electronic or toy “all the kids” want that we “must” supply to our children.  We envision our families delight as they open gifts for the holiday we celebrate.  Most of the time, we are successful in creating a happy day for our loved ones.  The children play with their new toys and our partner relaxes while we do clean up.  Usually, we are fine with carrying the holiday workload, as that is what generations of mothers and grandmothers have done before us.

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Late Winter/Early Spring

The magic of the holiday season has worn off.  Depending on where we live, we have been sunshine deprived and are weary of driving on ice and scraping off car windows. The kids are getting bored and we are feeling cranky. We may try to immerse ourselves in a good book or movies to escape, but those fleeting times are peppered with “Mom..can you…?  Honey…can you…?”


The air is less chilly and signs of new life are appearing outdoors.  We feel hopeful and are looking forward to walks, biking, swimming and picnics. If Christian, there is Easter to plan for.  There is more mud to contend with, spring cleaning, new clothes to buy and the kids have spring school activities.  By this time, we have established an ebb and flow, so it feels less hectic than the beginning of the school year.

With summer’s arrival, the main concern is childcare if our kids are school aged; yet too young to be left alone.  We plan vacations, family visits and picnics. The past year flew by quickly and summer goes by way too fast,  We try to cram in as much fun as we can.

Robotic Women

There seems to be a pattern moms/parents/nurturing women follow.  We go through the day trying to make sure life flows smoothly for our loved ones.  If we are empty nesters, we may still be acting as the the “glue” that holds family together:  hosting holidays, caring for parents, and still acting as the primary housekeeper in our partnership. Our earlier  patterns may be continuing.


Who said you have to be the one that holds it all together for family?  Ponder this for a moment.

If it brings you joy to do all of the things discussed earlier, great!  Keep on doing it. If you feel stressed or worn out most of the time, most likely you are becoming a robotic woman.  How do we change that?  Do you feel stuck?

Now, let’s go back to the earlier question:  Who said you have to be the one that holds it all together for family?   I think the answer is : ourselves.  Stop telling yourself lies!  We are not responsible for another’s happiness.  Happiness comes from within!

Practice using the word No, take time to play, lock the bathroom door when you take a bath, schedule a spa day,  meditate, take a fun class, demand an hour of uninterrupted time, let the deli do the cooking for your events, ask for help,  take shortcuts, have fun!  The world will not come to a halt if you do these things!


One thing I do to for healthy meals on the go is enjoy delicious bars called Life Bars.  They fill me up and on especially hungry days, I enjoy with a handful of nuts.















Aging: An Inspirational Tribute

Dear readers, I took a hiatus due to the passing on of a family member, which I will address here. However, it’s a story of lasting joy! Of course many tears were shed and we are still grieving, but I am referring to the everlasting joy of the family member that transitioned to the after life.

I met this amazing man in 2012 and he ended up becoming my brother in law. I call him amazing for many reasons. First of all, he suffered a debilitating stroke about 12 years ago and never stopped having fun! He threw huge parties complete with live music, enjoyed wagering on sporting events, flirted with the ladies, enjoyed meeting people online, keeping up on current events, staying in touch with siblings, friends and more. He was a doting father and that never changed. When we cleaned out his room, I found inspirational readings, complete with Bible verses.

Secondly, although wheelchair bound, he would “dance” at his parties and worked hard to stand. He always participated to the best of his abilities to transfer from his chair. Working hard with his physical therapist, he never lost hope of living in his own home again and talked of buying a new car. In fact, yearly he visited the Auto Show with my husband.

A little over 3 weeks ago, this dear man suffered a heart attack and ended up in the hospital. The doctors were not optimistic and I entered the hospital room with dread. Holding back tears and hiding my eyes with glasses, there he was, having a little party with his daughter, her friend and a cute nurse! Jokes abounded and he was laughing so hard at one point, that he couldn’t speak!

The dire news of a risky surgery that was not recommended did not perturb him. He stated ” do it! I have a lot of life to live!” The procedure accomplished less than we had hoped for, but his good spirits never wavered. A transition to a good care facility was looked forward to. Two days after the surgery, he was on the phone and enjoying the excellent care and attention of staff. His last conversation with my husband involved compliments of his beautiful and kind nurse.

We met that beautiful and kind nurse the following morning after we received the news of a peaceful and quick passing. She and other staff worked hard to revive him, but he was called away to host parties in heaven.

“A lot of life ” was still lived, as my brother in law put a lot of life into each day. The stories at his celebration of life were full of business accomplishments, fun, golf and laughter. In his honor, it was held at a beautiful country club with wine and fine food. There was never a word spoken of his great suffering, as he always remained “whole ” in attitude.

What legacy will we leave behind? I’m inspired to put challenges of the past behind and live each day with joy!

Baby Steps to Healthy Aging

We all have been told over and over what to do to be healthy: eat less of this, more of that, go to the gym every day, sleep more, walk more, run, skip jump, stress less! I don’t know about you, but I get a bit stressed looking at all these commands.

It’s no wonder we are tempted to tune out, grab a soda and relax in front of the television. We’re told what to do, but in the myriad of choices, where do we begin?

Try starting with one habit you know you should change. If you drink two sodas a day, taper to one and eventually switch the one out to a healthy drink.

There is green tea, sparkling water and natural beverages sweetened with Stevia.

If you love chocolate, find a healthy chocolate. There are dark chocolates bars sweetened with Stevia and lower sugar bars available.

Artificial sweeteners will not do your body good, as your digestive system doesn’t process them in a beneficial way. If you can’t give up your milk chocolate, don’t! Simply reduce the amount you eat. Life shouldn’t be about deprivation.

Do you love fried foods but not the fat? Saute in good fats like coconut or olive oils. Look at investing in an air fryer. I love air frying so much, that I own two!

air fryer

Are you addicted to salty, crunchy foods like I am? I take a small handful of gluten free crackers and mix them with raw nuts for a tasty, filling treat. When only chips will do, I dole out a small amount of organic chips, sometimes even mixing those with raw nuts.

Ice cream! We all scream for ice cream! Although it’s not a healthy choice, who doesn’t love a cold and creamy treat on a hot summer day? There are alternatives! If you are feeling adventurous, you can make your own.

Exercise can come in many forms. Choose the method that works best with your schedule. If you don’t have time for the gym, don’t sign up as a member, thinking you will have time later. Exercise at home! If even that seems daunting, take baby steps; literally! Take the stairs, jump in place, dance to a favorite song, walk briskly, just get up and move!


If you have physical limitations, there are exercises you can do from a chair. Yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi are also less strenuous. Just 10 minutes a day is something!

Lately I’ve been telling myself I’m too busy to do yoga. Today is a new day, and my yoga practice is startng again in a few moments. Which baby steps can you start today? Just one step leads to another.

Aging with Purpose

As we are all aging each day, no matter our current  age, this series on aging applies to us all. We may not want to get older (age) on purpose, but we have no choice.  What we can choose is keeping our attitude young.

Keeping our attitude young may seem a daunting task on those days we are tired and our bones creak. We have work, bills, chores, family and social obligations.  How do we fit in a youthful attitude when our minds are swimming with all we need to do?

tired lady

We must have purpose! Why are we working, paying bills, doing chores, etc? Is it security,  a vacation fund, to provide for our families? Those are purposes!  If these are purposes,  why are we still stressed? Where is that magic pill to keep our minds clear and happy?
Many books have been written about finding our “purpose. ” We may meditate,  go to seminars,  synagogues,  churches or mosques.  We leave feeling refreshed,  ready to begin anew, then……we go back to the old “grind.”

Agsin, where is that magic formula or pill to keep us clear, happy and young? This article  originally implied purpose, then said purposes can make us stressed!

The magic formula is one main purpose, or our WHY. What makes you most happy? If that is difficult to pinpoint,  make a list. You may find that many things that make you happy tie into one main purpose.

For example; my happy list  items are: travel,  time with my husband, helping others and feeling healthy. I was able to condense those items into one main purpose: feeding malnourished children.

Feeding malnourished children obviously fulfills helping others. It also takes care of my health,  as the whole foods nutrition I purchase is a social business model similar to Tom’s Shoes. My husband and I are able to spend time together and travel by visiting some of the children we feed, in addition to other trips we qualify for.

Honing in on  my main purpose has renewed my energy and outlook on life! I feel younger than I did 2 decades ago! Your WHY is simply what makes you happiest.  Find It,  pursue it, and age with purpose!

Aging: the Change

Keep reading,  men! This is not about ” THE change ” We are discussing how changes can affect us as we age. We ALL are aging,  even children,  so this isn’t just for “older ” folks.

Think back to when we left the safety of home, routine and our caregivers to venture onto a school bus for the very first time . I think most of us had mixed feelings, including a bit of fear. When we entered the cheerful and bright atmosphere of kindergarten, our fears mostly melted away. Theoretically,  where would we be without any education? Fear wasn’t able to hold us back, as the law requires us to be educated. However, the law does not require us to make changes to age in a healthful manner, so it’s up to us to make adjustments. 

Think of our accomplishments. They all required a change; whether in habit,  attitude, financial risk, values, etc. Now, think of the aging process. We cannot change that. However,  by resisting change, we may be speeding up our physical aging. Young people should also be concerned with this. Right now, you are laying the foundation on which to build your lives.

I still encounter “older” people that resist cell phones.  That one change could save their lives in an emergency! There are also so many of us that continually have body discomfort and weight issues. We complain, half heartedly try fads, then comfort ourselves with Netflix binges and sugar. ( I’ve done this, too)

If I hadn’t stepped out of my comfort zone to change,  I would still be falling over in the morning due to imbalance,  crying because I hurt and unable to wear my wedding ring. 

What in your life needs to change so you may age in comfort? Are you at a loss as to where to start or what to do? Start with something small, like using Stevia in your coffee in lieu of sugar, or adding flair to your look with a new cosmetic or hair color. When we try new looks,  we do not appear dated!

The change that helped me most was being open to new scientific research on whole foods nutrition.  Now that I made that  change, I am staying stuck in those ways! You see, some things we are doing need never change!

Is Age Just a Number?

We’ve all heard the saying ” age is just a number. ” So many of us have thoughts about that, like: ” yeah, tell my aching body that, oh, I wish that was true, ” etc. I think we can agree that common statements like that are bandied about so much, that we dismiss them.

How do you feel now compared to when you were younger? As I was a sickly child with very little physical capabilites,  I feel better decades later!

Why do I feel better as I age, while many people feel worse? It’s not due to surgery or prescriptions.  I did not see a faith healer, either. There are many others my age or older doing remarkably well, also! We have a secret!

Our secret can be summed up with one concept: being proactive! We don’t wait until we feel bad to take action; we consistently strive to feel better.  It could be a combination of diet, exercise, mindset,  environment,  spirituality, medical care,  hobbies or supplements.

Yes, I know we’ve all heard this before! (blah, blah blah!) Well then, you must feel better, right? Awesome! If not, you can take steps to correct that. Now, I do realize there are conditions like cancer that seem hopeless.  What I’m referring to is general health.  You may be doing everything you know of to feel younger, to no avail.  Is age just a number? My opinion is “no,” and that is perfectly okay by me! Stay tuned for future blogs on additional ideas to look and feel your best. 

Aging is Good!

Whether you consider yourself young or old, please read on; as even babies are aging. Our society continually fights aging, as though we have the power to stop it! A seventy year old person with a facelift is still a seventy year old person! A 40 year old person may still wear their highschool hairstyle,  but no one is mistaking them for a highschool student!

I, myself,  have been guilty of trying to look younger with certain clothing styles,  but I’ve come to realize I’m not fooling anyone!

When younger, I was overworked, and generally dissatisfied with my quality of life. As a model and young business professional, I had the attention of people, but none of that compensated for the anxious feelings within me. I was jumping though hoops trying to keep everyone happy but myself.  

Looking over these pictures,  I am happy we have become more tasteful with fashion! That’s one great thing about aging! I’m also glad I’m not a baby, dependent on others to feed and clothe me. What gifts has aging brought you? Most of us have acquired more wisdom. Even if you are young, you are learning each day.

This begins my series of blogs on thoughts about aging. The aging process will never stop, so let’s accept it and live the best life we can today!