Wednesday Wealth


Wouldn’t we all love to be wealthy? Is there a secret to creating wealth? Why do some people seem to have it all, while others look on with longing? Are some people just luckier than others? These are the questions we may have asked ourselves at times.


A while ago, I mentioned a business idea to my husband,  stating it will make us rich.  He looked at me in bewilderment and said ” but I am already rich.” Now, keep in mind we are of the middle class. After a few seconds if pondering,  I got his point.  We are rich!

We have a loving relationship and family, healthy cats that bring us joy, multiple income streams, health, a comfortable home, friends and more! These things make us wealthy! What makes you wealthy? If you are reading this, you enjoy the riches of eyesight!

If you feel poor, think of the riches you have! Changing your mindset may not quickly deposit money into your bank account, but a positive attitude attracts positive people and events!

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