Wednesday Words

The words for this Wednesday are: Ask, Believe and Receive.  We may have heard these words tossed around in talks about prayer or seen them in memes. Today we will examine these words in a different way.

ask beleive recieve

We all know to ask for the things we desire,whether in prayer or in person.  After all, we are instructed to do so in the Bible and people don’t know what we want if we do not tell them. How about asking questions in a spirit of active listening? Instead of a perfunctory ” how you doin'” as a quick greeting, take the time to really listen.  People love to be heard!

Asking questions can also be a way of getting to know people. Never make assumptions! That discheveled person dressed in sweats and athletic shoes may be training for the Olympics! People often lead interesting lives or have things in common with us, leading to mutually beneficial relationships.


Believe is a very important word! Think about it: what you believe is true! It may not be true for others, but it is true for you! Do you believe you are broke? Then, yes you are! Someone else may not think that of you if they admire what you have. An obese person may look at an overweight person and consider that person ” skinny.” It’s all perception! The beauty of this is we can change our perspective and belief!


Receiving can be difficult for some of us, as we may not want to appear more worthy than others. People will think what they will regardless of what we do. Receive those compliments with a gracious “Thank you!” Someone isn’t telling you something nice so they can hear you criticise yourself! Receive gifts with gratitude and no feeling obligation.  A gift is just that: a gift! It’s not a trade or bribe. Givers love to see pleasure in others.


Ask, receive and believe are great ways to manifest our desires. If we practice this in other areas, life becomes more enjoyable!

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