Monday Madness

We’ve all heard the songs lamenting another Monday.  The weekend went too quickly and many of us  want to hold onto the weekend; wishing we could have just one more day off.  As children every day was a play day. Now we allow ourselves two play days a week or less. On Monday it is time to hunker down, get serious and focus on the tasks at hand…….or is it?


Those of us that keep a calendar have already filled in most of the week or we have at least started a ‘to do” list.  Is the “to do” list ever really done?  Does our calendar stay static?  I know my “to do’ list keeps growing and my calendar gets reworked almost daily. Monday usually signifies the start of yet another week of feeling we are on the hamster wheel.  Why do we feel this way and who is forcing us to live a life of predictability?

Starting in early childhood, we are taught our value lies in cooperating and doing what the adults want us to do. This transcends into trying to live up to the expectations of others. We wear hard work and survival as a badge of honor. Conforming is encouraged and rewarded. However, we alone are responsible for our own feelings and actions.  Science proves for every action, there is a reaction.  We can change the reaction!


A small way to banish our Monday Madness is to stop giving Monday special significance. The only time we have is right now. Yesterday is never coming back and tomorrow is not promised. Although this is an oft heard statement, we tend to acknowledge it and then dwell on the past and worry about the future.  Let’s celebrate each  morning that we awoke to a day full of possibilities!  Even if our current situation is undesirable, we can take small steps to better it.

A step we can take is when a thought comes that does not serve us; pause and rethink. For example:  a thought of : “I wish I did not have to work today” could be expanded to “but I am thankful I can pay my bills.”  We can also reward ourselves as each hour passes by.  The rewards can be fast and simple:  a stretch, a friendly word with a coworker, a nibble of chocolate, a coffee, complimenting or helping another.



Now to address that calendar or “to do” list:  pencil in some fun! Dance or sing by yourself for five minutes, color in a  coloring book, send some funny memes. call an upbeat friend, jump up and down, google funny jokes; just do what is fun for you!  Make that part of your daily plan.

This in no means is an attempt to pretend we don’t have struggles. Life will always throw us curveballs and unhappiness. What we can do is the best that we can right now.


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