Wednesday Words 

As we hit midweek, many of us pause to reflect on our accomplishments. The weekend is beckoning us with the promise of fun, relaxation or chores completed. The “to-do ” lists,  words people have spoken and events are looping through our brains, oftentimes stealing our focus.


“Should  have,  would have” and other words that discourage  occupy our thoughts. Which words predominate? Are they affirmations,  or words of blame and hopelessness?

By now we all have heard that “Thoughts become things” and other Law of Attraction tidbits.  As creatures of habit,  we may go through our days slipping into self sabotage, thinking phrases like ” when I have the money, when I have time,” etc. Do we realize we are telling our subconscious we do not have those things now? It may be “realistic, ” but we are not going to move forward thinking that way.

There are small,  simple ways to make our thinking more productive. When we start thinking ” I don’t have the time,  change it to ” I don’t have the time now, but I will later today.”  Flip the switch! We can switch any thought to being more productive

Following are some ” Wednesday Words ”  and phrases to practice:” I can, I have, I am, happy,  joy, wealthy, healthy, organized,” etc. Say these aloud. ( I practice in the shower as to not be overheard). It truly makes a positive difference in my day,  and I hope it also will in yours.’


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