How to Reclaim our Identities

Previously I pointed out that we had different identities as children and over time they were lost.  This loss was mostly due to words spoken to us by those guiding us; placing their expectations on us as to who we should be. Although we do choose our own paths, did we really choose what we truly wanted to do, or did we place limitations upon ourselves?

Are you content where you are?  If so, wonderful!  There is no need to continue reading this. If you are interested in reclaiming your lost identity and do not know where to start, read on:

A great starting point is to read the Toltec Wisdom books by:  Don Miguel Ruiz.  The first book I recommend starting with is The Four Agreements.  Those agreements are:th

“The Four Agreements
1. Be impeccable with your word.
2. Don’t take anything personally.
3. Don’t make assumptions.
4. Always do your best. ”

Do not assume what the book is about based upon these agreements.  You will delve deep into why you are who you are and your place in life.  Afterward, a good follow up is to read The Voice of Knowledge by the same author.


More words of wisdom come from Shad Helmstetter;  in particular his book What to Say when You talk to Yourself.  Before you think of these authors as more new-age philosophers in a bevy of Law of Attraction choices, both of these gentlemen are doctors. These philosophies in how to come back to who we really are and to live in happiness are backed by research.


Reading these books are just a start in reclaiming identity.  However, once you start and have the desire to continue, the effects will snowball and you will seek out  more inspiration. Many people find a life coach helps them to stay focused on their desires.  To find a life coach, ask successful and happy people for recommendations.







One more thing you can do is play!  Why should we stop playing as adults?  Swing on a swing, skip, pick up a basketball or Frisbee, run a race, get a game of tag going. We are promised now only, so enjoy your now!




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