Another Thursday Purgeday

  • Walk into my home and most of the time and it will look clean and uncluttered. It may seem I am one of those people with great tips for organizing and clearing out the clutter.  (I wish!) With admiration I borrow Feng Shui and organization tips from others.

We have heard things may not always seem as they appear on the surface. That is definitely true in my home!  I am about to show you one of my deepest,  darkest secrets. Warning: the following photo is graphic!
One of my prides has been that I’m great at going through my clothing and accessories every 2 to 3 months and donating them.  Meanwhile,  (Ahem!) I am not so great at holding off on shopping for more. Another pride is my organized home ( which you now know is a facade).

Obviously I need to purge and that task began a few days ago. The hallway closet had been my stash for anything I didn’t want to part with or deal with at the moment. I began with taking everything out and created piles for keep,  toss and donate.  Lo and behold,  I had tax receipts from 10 years ago! No way had I envisioned that I was that disorganized!

The good news is as I shredded each receipt,  I literally felt lighter in spirit and body. A house fire and other memories seemed to float away. As each item was dealt with, my energy increased. In order to not feel overwhelmed, I am working on my closet project in increments.  The anticipation of an organized,  roomy closet gives me a feeling of peace.

For more peace in your life, set aside just 10 minutes today to have a Thursday Purgeday! It can be as simple as going through this weeks mail. Enjoy!