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till the 22nd venus is forming a t-square with jupiter and pluto in rx. This is a time you need to watch your emotional self. Not the best time for love relationships especially new ones or complicated ones. Because people are not giving you again the emotional validation that you need, or any kind of security at this time. So for your peace , you need to be cool at this time. Meaning you can’t question the person’s where abouts or act a bit suspicious because they will be on too you. For some of you this can be with career, and feeling the need to quit and give up because again your not seeing yourself moving forward. Your not trusting in the process. Because Libra and Venus likes to feel secure. So this is not the best time for home businesses or career. Because we feel like were not…

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Solar Eclipse: 7 Tips for Empaths

The Go Between: Psychics, Mediums and Integrity by Melissa Leath

August 21, 2012 marks a very special day for the earth! She is being separated from the Sun for several minutes. You may think this is a mini-event in the scheme of things, but you would be incorrect.

There is a very sensitive energy field surrounding our planet. It helps us handle emotions and logic, and keeps life at a regular and constant flow. This energy field helps plants, animals, birds, fish, and humans to regulate their existence. And whenever this flow of energy is interrupted or altered in any way, that flow shifts.

If you are empathic (aware of it or not), you will be effected by this event. The actual eclipse takes over 2-3 hours to happen. And you can experience the most wonderful shifts in nature if you open to it. But if you have been paying attention the last few months, you realize that everything has…

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Mercury Retrograde Is Coming

The Art of Life With Janet Woods

Mercury Retrograde begins on Saturday, August 12th   until September 4th.  In addition to Mercury, 4 other Planets are also in Retrograde. They are Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. This combination of retrograde energy is going to slow life to a halt. Patience is definitely needed over the coming weeks.

What Do These Retrogrades Mean?
This Mercury retrograde allows you to get in touch with deeply buried resentments so that you can heal. Old friends may reenter your life to settle old karma and allow you to move on. Pay attention to the way you communicate with people

When Neptune goes retrograde. Our ability to see the truth is in question. Embrace situations that show your creative and business collaborators’ true colors, and resolve to accept what you see. Things that are hidden will be revealed.

When Uranus goes retrograde, You may feel lost from all that you’ve known. This is a time to awaken to your…

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Good Vibes! 10/08/2017

Journey by the sea

Thursday, August 10th, 2017.

The Moon continues its transit of Pisces all day.

 Mercury in Virgo sextile Venus in Cancer.

The Sun in Leo sextile Jupiter in Libra.

Mercury in Virgo sextile Venus in Cancer. Aligning our heart and our mind in a sweet expansive way, so if you are up early you could start the day off all mushy with sweet pillow talk, tell your loved one you appreciate them and express your love. Remember Mercury is about to go retrograde (Sigh, I know). Venus and Mercury link up twice this month so pay attention to what you think, say and hear today as there can be intimations of what is to come during mercury’s retrograde journey.

The Moon continues its transit of  dreamy, intuitive Pisces all day. A void of course Moon occurs from later this afternoon with the Moon’s last aspect in Pisces before changing into Aires not…

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For some of you this is making plans for the week or being the leader of get togethers or the person throwing the party . For some of you this can be a popular energy time with the social media. You can be very creative and starting new projects. For others of you, you can be more about your play and social life today. For some of you the focus is on spending time with your children

For some of you this people coming back into your life, but your not so quick to make friends or to jump back . For some of you, you can be over thinking certain situations. For some of you this can be news that you didn’t want hear and you can be having a bit of anxiety. For some of you, you may not have…

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Get in Tune for the Black Moon

black-moon-photo-photography-Favim.com-642429Black Moon is a term for the second new moon within a calendar month. Black  moons occur about every 29 months.  The next black moon will take place on August 21, 2017 in conjunction with the Great American Eclipse.  According to Mind, Body, Greenyour emotions are amplified during the new moon period, so it is important to focus on being calm so that negative emotions are not magnified.

In today’s  high paced environment, advice to stay calm may seem redundant.  We’ve heard the mantras to do yoga, meditate, walk in nature, etc. These are all helpful, but we can get caught up in day to day life and forget to set aside time for those activities.  Ideally, we should always nurture ourselves and strive for  serenity, whether there is a new moon  or not. Besides the obvious stress relievers, think about your health.  images

Do we really feel calm and centered when we have headaches, digestive issues or overindulge in food and alcohol? Some of us  may have the fortitude to feel  relaxed when our bodies are under stress, but I think we can concur we feel best mentally when our physical bodies are free of pain.  A highly recommended documentary is:  What the Health?  It gives ground breaking nutritional advice to feel better.  There is also cutting edge research on Acemannan, a component of the aloe vera plant that helps the body restore gut health.

Now that we are aware of the upcoming black moon on August 17, 2017 and have ideas to prepare for it, the question remains as  to why we should be in tune for the Black moon or any new moon. I do not claim expertise in planetary studies, but as a student, I like to share what I have learned.


The first new moon in the calendar month preceding the black moon occurred on July 23, 2017.  During this time, we should “lay low,” reflect and not start anything big.  It’s an especially good time to pray, meditate, nap and avoid anything that will clutter our brains.  This is a preparation for the exciting changes that could happen in our lives for the period starting with the black moon and into the next two and a half years.  If you have not made a dream/vision board, do so now.   Make sure your dreams are followed by an action plan. No goal is achieved just by wishing for it. Jack Canfield is an expert with great ideas on how to make the most of your dreams.  No dream is too big!  Do not let limiting thoughts hold you back.  If you truly believe, you can achieve!