Finding Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

sunshine-natureNot long ago, a small deli opened up nearby next to an auto repair shop. Each time I drove by, I looked at it with intrigue, wondering if there was food to appeal to my vegetarian lifestyle. An online search did not bring up a menu. but a job posting looking for experienced bakers in a multicultural restaurant.  Needing some cheer on a bleary, cold Minnesota “spring” afternoon., I decided to stop in.

I was warmly greeted by Liman and asked if I liked tea. I expressed my appreciation for good tea & he offered my a very generous sample of Somali tea and explained how in every Somali home, guests are offered this tea, usually taken with milk. It was deliciously spiced and sweet, Although I am not a sweet tea fan, this was so good, that I had to purchase more.  Upon inquiring of vegetarian dishes, he asked me to wait because he had something special for me to try. My wait was pleasant, as there was another customer to visit with. Liman than brought out a generous sample of Foo, a spiced vegetable and bean stew, The other customer told me it was usually served over rice. It was fabulous!18476lrg

Liman explained he needed more staff and was in the back baking muffins and cooking more food. I find it impressive that the goods are baked right there and  enjoyed a very good chocolate chip cookie. There is an impressive array of food listed on the  menu board, including:  gyros, pasta, pancakes, traditional Somali food, unique smoothies (one is avocado) and pizza. Desserts included cheesecake, cookies and pastries.

My sunshine was found at the Sunshine Bakery, Coffee & Deli, located at:  3654 Stinson Blvd. NE, Minneapolis 55418. Their phone number is:  612-886-1244 and fax is:  612-886-1563.  Currently. hours are 7am to 7pm. Liman hopes to expand the hours as the business grows. Whether it is cloudy or sunny out, we all could use a little extra sunshine!