Musings & Observations of the Facebook Experience

Hello friends!  I am starting an ongoing topic of interesting Facebook experiences I have observed, participated in or heard about. Your feedback will be very important to my new hobby! The identities of all people discussed will remain confidential and abusive language will not be tolerated.

My first topic is meeting friends through Facebook. When I first registered for Facebook, my intent was only to stay in touch with friends and family. Quickly I learned that being open to making new friends through Facebook was a life enhancing experience! Not only  have I  made lifetime friends, I’ve encountered individuals with agendas, comical behavior and then some! Following will be a few of my own experiences & those of friends.Please share your own experiences, keeping in mind confidentiality.

The first facebook friend I accepted that was unbeknownst to me was from a country in Europe. Quickly he began  messaging me from a pub with flirtacious comments. When I did not respond in kind, he unfriended me! LOL! Then there was a recent time when a man with a profile pic of himself from the waist down posted where he lived & asked for a lady or (better yet 2..his words) to come visit him for bedroom antics! I was laughing so much, thinking it was a joke, that I clicked “like.” He then messaged how happy he was to make my acquaintance & wanted me to visit!  Unfriend!!!!

I have made many friends here in my own home state through a group of people witih shared interests. I have many stories to share from that and will do so in a later post.

 There are also the interesting “dating” scenarios via Facebook. One lady I know enjoyed messaging with a man very much & was planning on meeting him. She already knew he dated other women. He became angry at her for talking to one of his buddies!  Double standard!  Then there was the man romancing another friend for months. They talked on the phone frequently & he stated she was his only interest, that he was shy & never planned on meeting women on Facebook. She fell for him and was looking forward to meeting him. Lo and behold she discovered he had other “sweethearts, loves and hotties” he was talking to via Facebook! I don’t know the outcome of that story yet…I do know she was confused and very hurt.

So, I would like to debate and get feedback on this topic: are facebook friends “real” friends or “pretend” friends? I want to hear what you think. I already know what I think!