Honoring Fred Rogers

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?Mister Rogers In Studio

That simple sentence of “Won’t you be my neighbor?” conjures up the simple song whenever we hear it.  Some of us may be too young or old to have watched “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” as children, but  those of us in the USA know of him.  Currently, the documentary based upon his life is showing in multiple theaters to rave reviews. Many people have told me it brought tears to their eyes.  I know I did not see a dry eye in the house as I left the theater. No explanation for the tears will be given here, as  everyone should experience a movie without a spoiler.

What could have Mr. Rogers meant by “neighbor?”

Dictionary definitions all concur that a neighbor is someone who lives close by. With this vast universe, how could we all live by Mr. Rogers?  The Bible says to “love thy neighbor as thyself.”  Thus, it is safe to assume Mr. Rogers was implying love towards all as we love ourselves.  That’s a heavy concept! For the purpose of analogy, my writing is geared toward those with self love.

Mr. Roger’s Legacy

We already know Fred Rogers promoted tolerance, self esteem and kindness as his legacy. What I did not catch before was that many of his shows were tied in to current events.  Without delving directly into those shows, I think of today’s current climate.  We are technology driven, which is a great thing, but turns ugly when misused. There are the “keyboard warriors” that feel free to say hurtful things they would not voice in person, political sniping,  news media showing the worst of others, people staring at their phones in lieu of conversation, and more.



Then, there is the wonderful side of technology:  more access to education, formation of friendships,  calls for help being answered, knowledge of the plight of others, promotion of small business…the list goes on.  Mr. Rogers used the technology of television to promote what is good in the world.  What a trailblazer!


How can we continue the legacy of Fred Rogers?

Fred Rogers did not have just a “children’s show.”  His shows send us all a message of tolerance, helpfulness, and world peace. This begins with his message of self esteem. Once we have good self esteem, we are able to help others in many ways.  Most of us do help others day to day by offering empathy, smiles and service. That caring touches lives and sends a ripple of goodwill throughout our communities.


How may we send that ripple across the ocean?  Think of how peaceful the world could be if we simply understood each other!  There are many ways to gain understanding and peace:  mission trips, cultural exchange, podcasts, You Tube, books, initiating conversation with those we perceive to be “different,” visiting cultural fairs, etc.


Living the Legacy

I challenge myself and each and every one of us to live the legacy of Fred Rogers! Many mission trips are funded by donations through churches or incentives, such as Evolv Health’s Impact trips. You could host a foreign exchange student through CETUSA, whose mission is  reaching out to encourage a lifelong journey of global peace and understanding.”  Here is an educational podcast from a woman living a multicultural life: Petronella..  Ted Talks are informative, inspiring videos on many topics.  Here are the 5 top Ted Talks on Diversity/mulitculturalism:  Ted Talks. Plus, there are a slew of books on Amazon or your local library on a multitude of cultures.


By understanding those that appear to be “different” from us, we learn of our similarities, gain new friendships, and in the case of foreign exchange, a new family member.  It starts with the person in the mirror.  As Gandhi said ” be the change you want to see in the world.”


for more information on student exchange, please visit http://www.cetusa.org or send me a message at:  julie.froberg@cetusa.org



Enhancing Our Immune System

With the recent pandemic, we are heeding the advice to wash our hands more than 20 seconds, using hand sanitizer, etc.  We hear  this advice being repeated over and over again to the point of redundancy. Although great advice, merely washing hands does not keep us healthy.

lifestyle, health and people concept: Close up of frustrated young man with head in hand

We need to be as concerned about our shoes as much or more so than our hands.  Did you know our shoes carry bacteria from fecal matter, C-Diff and carcinogens?  I have a shoes- off policy in my home and I hope you have one, too.  If not, read about the  risks.

Pair of shoes with mud on carpet

Have you heard of anthocyanins? Anthocyanins have shown to benefit brain cognition, support the cardiovascular system, fight cancer, reverse UV damage, reduce inflammation and help diabetics. Anthocyanins are found in purple foods like berries, grapes, beets, purple cabbage and more. 

Now, think of the health benefits if, for example, you could eat 500 beets in a serving!  That doesn’t sound appealing to me, especially since I do not care for beets. However, beets are  excellent  inflammation fighters! I personally use something called“Limitless” which is beet root powder with the sugar removed. Each capsule is the equivalent of 500 beets and may reduce inflammation markers up to 47%.


We already know sugar is not the best thing for us to eat, but do we think of hidden sugars?  Although many fruits and vegetables contain important nutrients, if we are trying to lose weight or fight an illness, higher sugar foods may not always benefit us, even if natural.  When purchasing premade foods or condiments, check the nutrition information on the label. Anything containing more than 5 grams of sugar is not beneficial if you are ill or trying to increase your metabolic rate.


We know to eat our fruits and vegetables, but did you know produce that is not organic has less nutrients than it did 30+ years ago?  It is true! Read more here.  To combat that issue, we can  greatly increase our produce intake, eat organic or take food sourced, stabilized  natural supplements. If vitamins are not food sourced, they are synthetic and not metabolized properly by the body. 


Many people have not heard of Acemannan, which comes from the most researched plant on the planet, aloe vera.  Acemannan helps the body in the processes of defense, repair and regeneration.  One reason many have not heard of Acemannan is it is difficult to stabilize and mass market. Evolv Health holds the patent to the most bioavailable Acemannan on the market.  Acemannan is not an immune stimulant or booster, which may be harmful to cancer patients. It is an immune modulator, which means if your immune system is over active, Acemannan will help slow it down and if underactive, help it speed up.


To summarize, helping our bodies achieve homeostasis  is the optimal way to stay healthy. Experts predict by 2050, more people will die from infectious disease than cancer.  Doesn’t it make sense to be proactive versus reactive?

Julie Froberg Rose; the Hempress of HOPE

This informational blog makes no claim of the suggested practices curing illness or disease. Your body will let you know how you feel.  Always follow the advice of your doctor